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We are committed to keeping interested parties updated on the status of the New York Energy Solution project. In addition to posting news and information on this website, we invite you to fill out the form BELOW to be added to our contact list. At the moment, updates will be distributed by U.S. postal service.

You can also feel free to contact us as follows:

Email: Someone will respond with 24 hours or the next business day.

Phone: 1-855-433-3611, toll-free.

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Subscribe to the PSC Service List or Become a Party

Once the project’s Article VII application is filed, a new docket will be opened and interested persons can choose to subscribe to a Public Service Commission Service List, become a party to the case, or monitor the case via the PSC website. More information and links to the service list and party status forms will be found here once the docket is established. Requests to be added to the service list or for party status can be filed anytime while the docket remains open.

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