NYES in Milan

For illustrative purposes only.

For illustrative purposes only.

These photos provide a visual simulation of the work we plan to perform on an existing utility corridor and utility-owned property in Milan. We will:

  • Remove 80-year-old lattice structures (132 total, in sets of two), as shown in the photo at left.

  • Remove three 115 kV transmission lines.

  • Install 56 new double circuit monopole structures, with an average height increase of 10 feet, carrying one existing 115 kV line and a new 345 kV line, as shown in the photo at right. (Note: the lattice structures remaining on the left side of this photo are not part of the NYES project and will remain in place.)

    These lines currently cross and will continue to cross: Turkey Hill Road, Becker Hill Road, Battenfeld Road, Rt. 199, Salisbury Turnpike, Round Lake Road and Pond Road.

If you have questions about our work in Milan, please contact us at info@ny-es.com or toll-free at 1-855-433-3611.

Information may also be available at the Town of Milan website.


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